HITL on raspberry pi

I’ve installed the master version (1.11 beta) on raspberry pi as navio (without Navio2 hat) , and i’m trying to run it as HITL.
The px4 is running, and i’m communicating with it fti Qgroundcontrol on host PC, and defined in the Safety tab as HITL enabled.
The host PC is also running the JMavsim.
The problem is that the px4 doesn’t get sensors data.
Is it the JMavsim supposed to supply these?
What i missed in that set up?

Which instructions are you following?

Several different sources.
And here.

Ok, the links you pasted there are for version 1.9. Make sure to check if it has changed for 1.11/master.

Can you paste the output of when you run JMAVSim?

Hi guys!
I’m trying to run px4 on raspberry without navio2 too, but I used raspbian and even installing all the dependencies I got libm.so.6: version 'GLIBC_2.27' not found.
So if I use Emild raspbianas image it should work?