HIL with simulink simulation

I have integrated my custom controller for a fixed wing rc plane into the px4 firmware. I have done HIL tests using X-plane 10 and QgroundControl. In parallel, I have a high-fidelity simulink model of the rc plane, which uses X-plane for visualization, but does not use X-plane’s physics engine. I would like to do an HIL simulation using my simulink model. Has anyone attempted this before? I know you can read/write UDP messages in simulink, which is the same protocol for the X-plane simulation, so I imagine it would be possible to swap in my simulink model instead of X-plane.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.

Eitan Bulka
McGill University

I think this is possible, although I have not tried it. Alternatively, you can design your own interface and modify the QGC code.

Hi, I would like to do an HIL simulation using Qground and my simulink model. I think the first thing is setup connection between Qground and simulink by UDP. So we should modified the UDP port in simulink for receiver and sender the sensor and states of UAV.


Excuse me, have you solved your problem?Can you send me a copy of your Simulink model?