HIL Setup using Mission Planner,Pixhawk and XPlane10 combo

Hi there,

I’m trying to configure this setup(mentioned in the topic) but without success. I’ve read in a few forums that it’s not possible to run HIL on this combo(using mission planner and not QGROUNDCONTROL), But it was a long time ago. Is it possible now to use this combo? the Pixhawk HIL tutorial mentions only Qgroundcontrol.
If so, Where can I download the firmware for fixed wing HIL setup so I can configure that in the mission planner?



I’m also trying to get HIL working. It seems all documentation is outdated.
The new versions of mission planner has a different simulator tab with less options.
I think HIL is now included in the stable firmware (enabled by changing a param) but I read that it is broken. :frowning:

Can anyone tell me if I can use a pixhawk, connected to xplane, to fly using the transmitter and simulate things like auto missions?
Or is this feature dead?