HIL xplane configruation

Hi all,
I’m setting up my px4 HIL with the xplane 10 demo. Following the procedure found in the HIL docs, I seem to have every thing talking. However, I can’t get the joystick to control the plane via qgc. If I setup a mission and start the sim 3miles away from approach, the px4 reports that it is running the mission but the plane is not being controlled. Nor to any othe of the semi auto flight modes work… loiter etc.

It’s as if QGC is receiving data ok, but not sending it back to xplane.

Any ideas on this? Does HIL still work ok in xplane?

Are you trying to start in flight? You have to start on the ground to give the estimator some time to initialize. You can also check in the mavlink inspector (in QGC) if the HIL_ACTUATORS message is being sent.

I have the same problem and also followed the docs. Can’t control the airplane.

Interesting, we have two setups here - one works with a standard logictech joystick and one I couldn’t get working was with a JETI DC16 plugged in as a joystick. I think there may be some differences in how the controllers are setup between the machines, but haven’t got further with the investigation yet.

I didn’t use joystick, I use the RC.