Here+ on MAC OS

Dear All,

is there anybody who got HERE+ to communicate with qgroundcontrol
on a MAC ? Is there a tutorial somewhere ? I got the FTDI and VTC
drivers running to talk to the pixhawc 2.1 over a 3dr 900 MHz link
but I do not see the RTK base station when I connect it to the usb port.


RTK will only show up when you also have a vehicle connected.

Thank you,

I have the pixhawk 2.1 with the HERE+ connected,
I am talking to the pixhawk via a 3DR at 915 MHz,
I have a spektrum DX8 connected and calibrated.
I have the HERE+ base station connected.
I can see all the pixhawk motions and 13 connected sats.

Alas I do not see in qgroundcontrol v3.1.3 any second
icon for the RTK. I am running Mac 10.11.6 and the
FTID driver FTDIUSBSerialDriver_v2_4_2.dmg
SiLabsUSBDriverDisk to talk to the 3DR

Any insight would be appreciated, GJK

PS. Forgot two details: I see

the 3DR as tty.SLAB_USBtoUART

and the HERE+ ground station as tty.usbmodem1411

Dear All,

there is some progress, I am using the Mac OS daily build and configured
the HERE+ ublock in ucenter (under windows) for 57600. Now I
see the RTK symbol.


after 10 hours the accuracy is 8.8 meters … (The advance feature
RTK-GPS page shows an example with 13.2 meter and 6.3 meter). Is that
the accuracy of the location of the ground station or is that the
accuracy of the supposedly 1cm precision HERE+ receiver ?

Are you testing outdoors with good sky view?

I had thought that with 20 satellites and a lock I do not have to
worry about the clear sky view. Indeed when I went to have a
clear sky view the resolution improves to 1.1 meter. I assume
that this number is for the base station … how would I obtain
the horizontal and vertical precision and accuracy for the rtk
enhanced HERE+ and display it ?

Check the logs from the corresponding vehicle (vehicle_gps_position message). You should see the gps fix type change.