Help tuning an octocopter on 1.14

Hello all,

I’ve converted a DJI S1000 octocopter to run on PX4 1.14, and could use some help tuning the rate controller. I had it working well on 1.13, but after an incident it had to be rebuilt.

vs. 1.13, I measured the frame to setup the actuators, so those numbers should be correct. The Pixhawk 6c is mounted on some “Holybro Pixhawk Foam Pads” I bought from getFPV, although the I’m still seeing higher vibrations than I’m used to seeing on a quad, but this is in line with the vibrations before the vehicle crashed. I’ve also configured the notch filter to account for what I assume is the propeller resonance.

I suspect that part of the problem is that the setpoints and consequently the motor commands are noisier with the current configuration in 1.14 vs how the vehicle was setup in 1.13.

Here are some logs from the vehicle.

Same vehicle, running on 1.13 and older flight controller, and carrying a payload.

After somehow successfully completeing rate/attitude autotunes.

Here is a video for the following two logs. The tldw is that the vehicle twitches in position mode.

The next day, an unsuccessful tune:

The next day, unable to tune, flying a loop:

I would appreciate any advice you have for tuning.