Resources for a newbie

Hi to everyone.
I would like to find resources like PX4 – UAV Lab @ Sydney to start developing new features to the px4 firmware code.
Do anyone knows some blog/tutorial/how-to or similar resource related to first steps in developing px4?

Did you find the dev guide?
Go through the setup and make sure you can compile, then take a look at

Hello Daniel. First of all, thank you very much for answering my questions and for helping me.
As for the official guide, I followed it completely, and I followed the example of first application as well as other blogs like
I understand more or less well how the nORB system works, but what I do not yet have very clear is how the code communicates with the components, ie how can I send orders to rotors, servos, etc.
I followed your advice and reviewed the project architecture. If I’m not mistaken, the orders to the outputs are sent through the mixers, isn’t it? My specific question is: what files or what functions are those that control the commands that are sent or received from the mixers? Or another specific question: How can I manage the hardware outputs?
Could you help me locate these functions and files?
The problem is that I am a “classic” developer, working in .NET and Java, and I do not get too clear on the low-level internal structure of the PX4 project. I need help or a guide, or a step-by-step tutorial that will clarify to me what all the application modules are for and how they interact with each other.
I greatly appreciate the help. I know you do it unselfishly and I appreciate it very much.

It depends what you’re doing, but you’ll likely want to work with the current architecture at a “higher” level, rather write to a rotor or servo directly

This is an example fixed wing controller -
It ultimately publishes a message actuator controls, which then goes through the mixer and out as PWM.
actuator controls is an array

0: roll (-1..1)
1: pitch (-1..1)
2: yaw (-1..1)
3: throttle (0..1 normal range, -1..1 for variable pitch / thrust reversers)
4: flaps (-1..1)
5: spoilers (-1..1)
6: airbrakes (-1..1)
7: landing gear (-1..1)

Hi Daniel. I’m trying to start the fixedwing_control example and it’s thowing this error at make:
…/src/examples/fixedwing_control/main.cpp: In function ‘int fixedwing_control_thread_main(int, char**)’:
…/src/examples/fixedwing_control/main.cpp:318:5: sorry, unimplemented: non-trivial designated initializers not supported
I’m using:
gcc (Ubuntu 5.4.0-6ubuntu1~16.04.4) 5.4.0 20160609
I am a bit lost.
Thank you very much for any help.

It looks like the fixedwing_control example hasn’t been built recently and needs a minor change for more recent compilers.
I’ve fixed it here - and it’ll be merged into master shortly.

Thank you very much Daniel!!!