Hardware/Pixhawk Dev Call: Sep 29, 2020

Sep 29, 2020

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Agenda Items

  • DS-015 Discussion

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Meeting Minutes

There was a major shift in the development of DS-015, we are moving from targeting Classical CAN implementations to CAN FD, we believe this is the way to go and to future proof the spec.

The PR below from Pavel, is a major refactor from the messages included in DS-015, into publicly regulated data types, this is on-going work, and so far only covers some of the basics on actuators. Next up is working on all the BMS messages.

We are waiting for feedback and proper review from all the workgroup members, we hope to come to a conclusion soon and close the PR. (and start the process again with new messages)

Nunavut Update
C-Serialization template generation is still on-going, right now Scott D. is helping with the PR he’s going to add testing coverage. We are hoping this will be completed around the time we finish going through the whole message set defined in DS-015.

Errata and Feedback

Let me know below if I failed to capture anything the right way, and if there are any updates, or you have feedback on the call format.

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