"GPS speed accuracy too low" is preventing PX4 from going into Auto mode

I am working with a drone that has flown many times, so it is a known good platform. I upgraded to PX4 v1.9.0. Now I cannot get this drone to go into auto mode (ie, green light). It keeps throwing error messages about preflight failures. In addition to “GPS speed accuracy too low”, sometimes I get “Horizontal speed position drift too high”. I’ve tried re-calibrating the sensors numerous times, but no help. I’m beginning to wonder if the Pixhawk controller is failing. Has there been any issues with v1.9.0?

Can anyone share any thoughts on this?

I recently upgraded to v1.9.0 and I am getting the exact GPS low accuracy and drift errors which prevents position control mode. Any insight would be great.

me too. looking for answers now. ps. ive flown this FW on 1.9 many times previously.
ok, found suspect in my case… SiK radio transmitter plugged into QGC PC USB caused GPS pos err. UAV#2 was powered down so no SiK comms, but the USB SiK Tx caused GPS errors in UAV#1 (connected by WiFi on QGC PC).
this was all done within close range (living room). more testing outside with more distance between QGC PC radio and UAV’s later
ps. i also powered down the UAV and restarted QGC (to disconnect SiK radioand reset any flukey data)