GPS NONE HDOP not showing

hello i have this GPS LOCK NONE problem and i can’t get HDOP ,VDOP data how can i solve this problem

Are you outdoor with a clear view of the sky?

Is the GPS recognized correctly? You can check it using gps status in MAVLink shell.

Which GPS is it?

Which PX4 version are you using?

Thank you very much Mr.Julian.I solved this problem but ı have new problems can you help me ?
(i post it my page)

How did you solve the problem? It’s good to follow up so that someone else that has the same problem gets help.

Just post other questions here. If I have time, and I see it, and I know the answer, I’ll respond.

my GPS was broken so I changed the GPS and the problem was solved :slight_smile: Thank you for taking care of my questions, Mr. Julian.

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