GPS module not being detected through NMEA messages

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What about it? Can you add some details what you would like to do, what you have tried, etc.?

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The GPS drivers are here. GitHub - PX4/PX4-GPSDrivers: Platform independent GPS drivers If you are missing something, then feel free to contribute what you need.

Or find a consultant to implement it for you.

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I am using a generic gps module as secondary GPS , which uses NMEA protocol. It works well while connected to a Raspi using a simle python program. My Orange CuBE however doesn’t communicate with this secondary gps module. However my primary gps module ( ubox protocol) is detected by the Cube . All the usual parameter settings for the secondary GPS was done through QGC but it is not working.
Therefore i need to write a lua script which will read possibly the secondary gps at boot . Question is where do i put this script file .Is it in the Cube sdcard or in Herelink radio telemetry sdcard under QGC folder or somewhere else.
Appreciate your reply…