GPS module not being detected through NMEA messages

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What about it? Can you add some details what you would like to do, what you have tried, etc.?

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The GPS drivers are here. GitHub - PX4/PX4-GPSDrivers: Platform independent GPS drivers If you are missing something, then feel free to contribute what you need.

Or find a consultant to implement it for you.

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I am using a generic gps module as secondary GPS , which uses NMEA protocol. It works well while connected to a Raspi using a simle python program. My Orange CuBE however doesn’t communicate with this secondary gps module. However my primary gps module ( ubox protocol) is detected by the Cube . All the usual parameter settings for the secondary GPS was done through QGC but it is not working.
Therefore i need to write a lua script which will read possibly the secondary gps at boot . Question is where do i put this script file .Is it in the Cube sdcard or in Herelink radio telemetry sdcard under QGC folder or somewhere else.
Appreciate your reply…

Are you using ArduPilot or PX4? Because the Lua scripting is only part of ArduPilot.

i am using px4…xxxxxxxxx xxxxx

Then it’s clear isn’t it? NMEA needs some work in PX4 to be supported as I I mentioned earlier.

irony is it reads from the secondary gps sensor includi g lat long altitude, number of satellites but some other parameters remain blank and shows that gps is not ready !!

Ok, even better, so not too much work ks required. It might pick it up as Ashtech which must be similar to NMEA or using NMEA.

Screenshot with primary GPS connected

Screenshot with primary and secondary GPS connected. Still system indicates NOT OK for secondary GPS even though it is collecting data and showing more number of satellites

I am not able to understand how Px4 interprets this GPS data to use them as a fail safe approach

Third screen shot showing the parameters for the GPS2 secondary

Is there any other setting to be used or should I update with the above parameter settings.

thank you

@ Julian… Was able to resolve my secondary GPS module (Neo-6M - UBLOX module) without any Px4 version updates…luckily the **u-center software from u-Blox ** was good enough to change some settings !!

thanks to you for your support …

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