FX4FLOW for custom use

I need an optical flow sensor for a project of mine which is totally not related to drones. During my search I’ve encountered the whole Pixhawk family and the FX4FLOW sensor. It seems a perfect ready-to-go solution. The problem is I’m completely unfamiliar with the drone development and I’m not sure what do I need to implement PX4FLOW in my project.
What hardware do I need? It seems to me, I can connect PX4FLOW to a computer via USB to calibrate the lenses. Then the sensor is normally connected to a flight controller board, but it seems I can replace it with my programmable logic controller (PLC), and write a code using MAVLink protocol to send commands to PX4FLOW and receive data. Am I correct?

One thing that bugs me is PX4FLOW includes a sonar connector, but I can’t find info if the sonar is required for PX4FLOW to work.

Buy an arkflow. It’s by far the best flow board.

Here: https://arkelectron.com/product/ark-flow/

Any questions about it specifically and @AlexKlimaj is the one to ask but all you do it plug it in set it up and it works instantly. There is no sonar on this, LiDAR instead. It’s awesome.

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