FW/VTOL Call: January 31, 2023

January 31, 2023

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Auxiliary controls

Ryan flies it, so far hasn’t found issue specifically to it.

Open things:

  • trimming steering wheel with a parameter
  • remove hard-coded mapping to enable aileron used as flaps, and dedicated spoilers (currently only possible to use ailerons as spoilers, and dedicated flaps)

@dagar proposes to introduce PWM_TRIM params. Would need feedback to handle saturation properly.

Move VTOL attitude allocation components

  • we discuss moving the VTOL allocation to the control allocation again. Align on to work towards: just add a scalar (eg based on airspeed) to calculate effectiveness of each actuator depending on flight mode (hover, fixed-wing), and then use least squares to allocate torques/thrusts in an optimal way.

next steps:

  • move airspeed scaling into CA
  • model passive actuators (incl. effect of one actuator to another, like slip stream from a motor on a control surface)
  • work on attitude allocator (between Position controller and Attitude controller/CA)

Acro yaw integrator

@silvan to check if integrator is working correctly in recent main, @ryanjAA to provide logs.

NEXT stable release, what’s needed?

New topics

FW landing outside of a mission

@sfuhrer is working on enabling FW landings without msision