FW/VTOL Call: January 17, 2023

January 17, 2023

Last time on…

Auxiliary controls

TECS refactor

  • #done
  • (more to come :slight_smile: )

FW rate controller own module

  • #done
  • next steps continuing

FW/VTOL project board!

Move VTOL attitude allocation components

  • @dagar proposal - the “tear it apart now approach”:
    • split control allocator into a couple different groups (vtol/fw/mc)
    • outputs still can be mixed after each allocator for vtol
    • at least takes complexity out of fw/mc controllers, can work on allocation unification after
    • e.g. transitions can be done all in one place at level of allocation
  • or if there are more fundamental ideas of how this should all work, can try and roadmap our way there
  • let’s write out some block diagrams for specific airframes! (high level down to control allocation - what does it ideally look like in isolation?)
    • standard vtol
    • control surfaceless tailsitter
    • tailsitter (+ control surfaces) – think advance ratio, prop wash
    • make sure to consider user experience for setup

This (happy new) year!

Acro yaw integrator

NEXT stable release, what’s needed?

  • need to accumulate recommended points from @ryanjAA (fixed-wing behaviors)
  • actuators take 2