FW/VTOL Call: October 11, 2022

October 11, 2022


  • review last week’s points… any progress?
  • new issues?


FW takeoff / landing revisions

  • @tstastny will make upstream PR this week
  • still open question on heading command during flare, need logs from @ryanjAA – can leave a param option for heading hold in mean time until slip control can be added
  • is there a way to simulate a wheel??? [backlog]

Coordinated turn Y-accel feedback

  • split out coordinated turn class (kinematic and then possibility of revisiting accel feedback)
  • FIRST clean up fw attitude control
    • can we remove ECL / flatten?

SITL plane has no yaw authority

@Jaeyoung-Lim noticed
@Jaeyoung-Lim will fix :slight_smile:

Pro/con list of simulators

@Jaeyoung-Lim @dagar @tstastny @ALL-- start a google doc or so, start investigating

  • helicopters, planes

Catapult launch

  • @dagar timestamps no obvious red flags
  • maybe noisy accel

@tstastny look into

Failure detector - roll/pitch

@Jakob_Strebel provide log with logging “always”
@dagar looks into

Failure mode discussion

  • @chris1seto option for failsafe into manual mode vs terminate
  • wait for new commander world

PWM 400Hz default?

  • @Jakob_Strebel had servo burn – is seeing 400Hz by default – standard fixed-wing and wing wing
  • should be “nothing” by default with control allocator (@Jakob_Strebel try it in main, if it is not defaulting to nothing, then we should check)
  • maybe SYS_AUTOSTART issue?
  • @chris1seto also saw default at 400Hz

@dagar looks into this

Poor tracking in acro




@tstastny @dagar Simulation survey document: Simulation Survey - Google Docs

Here is the link to the log regarding the disarm Issue

I have closed the Issue. Issue 20258 PWM for Servo 50Hz.
The behavior is: In the screen actuator setup, Initially we see in the PWM screen 400HZ if no output is assigned, When you assign a Servo to desired output, then the value changes to 50Hz