'FW/boards/px4/fmu-v6x' folder disappears, when I checkout 1.9.2

Hello all.
When I checkout 1.9.2 using command ‘git checkout v1.9.2’,
‘Firmware/boards/px4/fmu-v6x’ folder disappears…
Do you know why it is happend?

Below is my environment.
(1) Virtualbox, Ubuntu 18.04
(2-1) Forked(from github.com/PX4/Firmware to github.com/mine )
(2-2) command : ‘git checkout v1.9.2’
(2-3) fmu-v6x folder disappears

I’m looking forward to your reply. Thank you.

FMU-V6x support was added after 1.9.2 was released. Therefore if you checkout 1.9.2 you will only have the files that were added up to that point.

It’s how git works if a file or directory is not in the branch you pull it will be deleted.

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Thank you @danielhonies
I understood. :sweat_smile:

I got it!! :thinking:
Thanks @jimdgit
have a nice day!