FW_AT_MAN_AUX parameter missing

I am flashing a Pixhawk 6C with PX4 Pro to fly a fixed-wing RC plane in position mode. I am trying to enable the autotune feature which should be triggered by a switch on my transmitter during flight. The documentation instructs setting FW_AT_MAN_AUX to RC_MAP_AUX1.

I do not see the FW_AT_MAN_AUX parameter in the parameters list. Please advise

That’s odd. I’m not sure why that does not appear. Presumably the fw_autotune_attitude_control module is not running as it should. I’m going to tag @bresch here hoping that he has an idea.

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Hi Gents. Anything changed here? I also cannot see it in QGC with 2.4.8 flashed with latest stable. Thx!

Ok, I see the problem. This param is not part of v1.13 but only in main (or v1.14beta).

You need to either refer to the v1.13 docs: Auto-tuning | PX4 User Guide

Or build from main.