Forced Counter-Clockwise Goto NAV_LOITER_RAD feature

While Flying the Gazebo Sim with Qgroundcontrol (Standard VTOL in FW mode). I noticed that using hold would loiter at a radius based on NAV_LOITER_RAD. I wanted to command a left hand (counter-clockwise orbit) so i set NAV_LOITER_RAD to negative 200 (-200). This had to be a forced parameter change.

When reaching a goto point or initiation of Hold the simulation banked to maximum and held a tight (not drift corrected) circle. There was no lead turn. Direction was a toss-up.

Funny thing is that it works find in Normal Hold Mode. Just not in GOTO mode (goto works fine in clockwise orbits).

** is there a way to command a change between counter-clockwise and clockwise goto orbits?
It would be nice to have an easy setting, or at least allow for the parameter change to work.

This seems to only be a problem in GOTO mode. Hold mode takes the negative number nicely.
Still would like goto to loiter both directions. Still might be nice to not have to force a negative number.