Old Goto point comes back in hold QGC

Old Goto points come back when not used.

I was running a gazebo sim in QGC flying a standard VTOL in FW mode. I used the goto feature to make direct the aircraft to another spot. I then switched back to Mission mode for a time. Then when switch to HOLD mode the old GOTO point was back.
The old goto point wasn’t active and the aircraft was holding around the point of HOLD initiation. Is there a way to clean up this confusing point?

Which version of QGC? Can you verify if this is still the case with the latest daily build? https://docs.qgroundcontrol.com/en/releases/daily_builds.html

Indeed. Fresh download of v3.2.5 (from daily build) and the problem persists. The goto point also endures if you accidentally click the wrong place and cancel. It should disappear when you reselect hold and when you cancel out of a goto command. I know of now way to reactivate an old Goto command.
Additionally, I think i’ll put a feature request in to make it so you don’t have to exit out of the goto command if you click on the wrong place and instead just click on the correct place and the potential goto updates (maybe with a yellow color indicating not yet active).
Shall i put this in issues?