Qgroundcontrol in Mac can't find LOITER

I want to usr the LOITER mode in PX4 , but I can't find the LOITER mode in qgroundcontrol .where is it ?

There is no Loiter flight mode in PX4 flight stack. The closest equivalent of Loiter from ArduPilot is Position I believe.

but in the code ,

if (!strcmp(argv[1], "mode")) {
	if (argc > 2) {
		uint8_t new_main_state = commander_state_s::MAIN_STATE_MAX;
		if (!strcmp(argv[2], "manual")) {
			new_main_state = commander_state_s::MAIN_STATE_MANUAL;
		} else if (!strcmp(argv[2], "altctl")) {
			new_main_state = commander_state_s::MAIN_STATE_ALTCTL;
		} else if (!strcmp(argv[2], "posctl")) {
			new_main_state = commander_state_s::MAIN_STATE_POSCTL;
		} else if (!strcmp(argv[2], "auto:mission")) {
			new_main_state = commander_state_s::MAIN_STATE_AUTO_MISSION;
		} else if (!strcmp(argv[2], "auto:loiter")) {
			new_main_state = commander_state_s::MAIN_STATE_AUTO_LOITER;
		} else if (!strcmp(argv[2], "auto:rtl")) {
			new_main_state = commander_state_s::MAIN_STATE_AUTO_RTL;
		} else if (!strcmp(argv[2], "acro")) {
			new_main_state = commander_state_s::MAIN_STATE_ACRO;
		} else if (!strcmp(argv[2], "offboard")) {
			new_main_state = commander_state_s::MAIN_STATE_OFFBOARD;
		} else if (!strcmp(argv[2], "stabilized")) {
			new_main_state = commander_state_s::MAIN_STATE_STAB;
		} else if (!strcmp(argv[2], "rattitude")) {
			new_main_state = commander_state_s::MAIN_STATE_RATTITUDE;
		} else if (!strcmp(argv[2], "auto:takeoff")) {
			new_main_state = commander_state_s::MAIN_STATE_AUTO_TAKEOFF;
		} else if (!strcmp(argv[2], "auto:land")) {
			new_main_state = commander_state_s::MAIN_STATE_AUTO_LAND;
		} else {
			warnx("argument %s unsupported.", argv[2]);

Loiter flight mode is in the Px4. flight stack .

That has no realtionship to what QGC shows for flight mode names.

Thanks, I see . Yesterday I have try LOITER mode , it looks good . I have a question that if I use my remote control with throttle reseting in middle , when I pull up the throttle in the auto hold mode , the Aircraft is up , but I pull down the throttle to middle , the aircraft can’t hold the altitude in that time. It is down ground . I want to know what parameters I need to set when my throttle reseting is middle . thanks !