FMUv3 issue with pixhawk 2.4.8

I recently got a pixhawk 2.4.8 from aliexpress.

I tried to use FMUv3 but still can’t find SYS parameter to enable.

Is this pix only FMUv2 able?

I see the different is 1M or 2M ram

Will this make a big difference for usual hobbyist?

I have the same board i tried with FMUv2 and FMUv3 with 4.0.X everything works fine able to fly .The main problem i’m not able to use external compass .
Can any one tell what exact firmware FMUv2 or FMUv3 or PIXHAWK1 to be selected and which version is best.

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This board is based on FMUv2

well, px4fmuv3 it’s supported on the stm32f427vit6 rev3 3 coz it has 2mb for the flash.
FMUv2 and FMUv3 are near the same but in FMUv2 you will uave few limitations that in FMUv3 you don’t have due the size of the firmware.
You will never find the option SYS parameter for enabled the FMUv3 coz fmv3 is related to the 2mb of the mcu