The firmware of pixhawk2.1 is px4fmu-v2 or px4fmu-v3?

Hi guys, I am planing to use pixhawk2.1 nowadays. I find both pix4fmu-v2 and px4fmu-v3 firmware can be uploaded to pixhawk 2.1. I am puzzling which one is right? Or is there any differences?

Thank you!

you have to use “make px4fmu-v3_default”.

But I found that px4fmu-v2 is also work in pixhawk 2.1? What is their differences?


Did you ever find the answer to this? I am curious as well.

As I understand it, v2 is for Pixhawks that have the 2MB flash limit. The v3 is greater than 2MB.

Good luck.