First time building QGroundControl... Doesn't work! weird errors!

Good evening, first poster here. I recently installed Qt creator and downloaded the QGC git into my PC for some HMI customization. Need to say, this is my first time using this technology (never heard before about Qt) and my problem is that I cannot compile/run QGC from Qt Creator.

I followed not only the steps from the Developer Guide but also this handy Youtube Tutorial, and, at the moment of truth when I click the green “play” button, it just gives me an error and doesnt show anything. The error is similar to the one in this topic but their problem diverges from mine, and I could find a solution there.

The “Compile output” tab gives me this message:

and the “issues” tab gives me this two messages:

I dont know what to do, I could not find any help online and since I am a noob I find this extremely overwhelming without any help. There must be some kind of problem in the configuration, maybe? I dont know. I can tell you some details from it:

  • Qt version 5.12.6 MSVC2017 64 bit
  • Running QMake (dont know what it is but…) doesnt give any error, but a warning recommending me to update my kit
  • The project path doesnt contain any spaces
  • Downloaded git of QGC version [Stable_V4.0]

I dont know why it doesnt work, since everything is all untouched. I will be eternally grateful of any kind of help.

Thanks in advance

Ok, I did not find a solution to that problem perse, but I found a different solution.

If you are reading this, and have the same problem as me, here’s what I did:

  • Forget the git of QGC you downloaded, download a new one
  • Maybe you followed the same youtube tutorial as me, and cloned the repository with this line:

git clone --single-branch --banch Stable_V4.0

  • So instead of doing that line command, I did the one in the developer guide:

git clone --recursive

  • After that, I openned a new project in Qt creator and openned the from the new git.

Compiles and runs without problems (at first glance), so now I can start editing the UI as I please.