Firmware flashing problem

Dear all,
I use our custom board, intending to flash fmuv4 firmware into it, but got the following problem. QGC always says that the board erase failed. Our board uses stm32f427iih6 mcu, which is the same series (stm32f4) as pixhawk hardware. Could anyone give me some advise. Thanks.

Is flashing on the command line any different?
make px4fmu-v4_default upload

Yeap. Here is the snapshot:

sn: 003600303333470630323032
chip: 10036419
family: STM32F42x
revision: Y
flash 1032192

Erase : [ ] 0.0%
ERROR: Programing not supported for this version of silicon!
[100%] Built target upload

Maybe it is because of the version of the chip. I will try modify the bootloader as suggested.