Failsafe from offboard

there are several options for RC failsafe
0: Disabled
1: Loiter
2: Return to Land
3: Land at current position
4: RC Auto Recovery (CASA Outback Challenge rules)
5: Terminate
6: Lockdown
but I can’t find any description of them what is Terminate and Lockdown?

and although I setted RC failsafe to Loiter
when mavros dies in Offboard mode vehicle go to AUTO.LAND mode and land at current position imidiately
any one knows why?
it`s same if I set to disable

The failsafe mode in case of offboard control is defined by the COM_OBL_RC_ACT parameter. To see which failsafe mode is set based on the vehicle status and the parameter have a look at the set_nav_state function of the commander.

thank you acfloria

there was a document about this

checkout anyone who has same problem