Exaggerated battery consumption

Hi everyone,
I’m using the battery calculation by battery capacity on my drone (with pixhawk-cube). As the drone stays still on the ground for a few minutes it starts to lose energy in much higher rate than actual (when I reboot it is shows the correct battery precentage, then starts losing battery once again…) - about 1 mah per second, sometimes more.
This keeps happening while using voltage-based battery estimation or current-based battery estimation.
I made sure the current estimation is relatively accurate via an external current-measuring device.
I even tried using an offset higher than the actual offset of the current-measure device so the reading while not armed is mostly negative, and the drone still seems to think it loses a lot of capacity.
Any advices or idea, anyone?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Any ideas? anyone?
I can’t seem to solve it… maybe PX4 just wasn’t designed for drones in standby?