ESC problem. signal distribution


I have a marginal problem with my ESC I use Quattro 20AX4, I arm the motors, then start increasing the value of the throttle to turn up the motors, however at low values, I notice that not all motors are turning,
only two and not at the same speed, then I push the throttle to half to obtain sufficient thrust that enable the drone to take off.
when flying the drone drift a little bit, I’m not sure if the ESC causes this problem. I would like to know if
someone of you have had the same experience.

Best regards.

Did you calibrate the ESC’s?

Yes, of course they are calibrated, even i have tried with another ESC (blheli), i got the same results,
i have to push the throttle until the half to make the drone take off. but at low throttle speed, each motors has its own speed.