Communication RC-Pixhawk-ESC

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I am currently in front of a problem with the following context :
I am trying to control my 4 wheeled rover with a Pixhawk using PX4, I have 4 ESC (ESC70 from isdt) and 4 brushed motors. I’ve mapped my 4 ESC on pixhawk’s main outputs 1,2,3,4 and I am using the airframe “Aion robotics R1 UGV” but I’ve be cared full to map (on QGC) correctly my two left wheels with the function “left motor” and the same for right.
Concerning my RC, it is well calibrated.
But when I am trying to calibrate or arm the vehicle, sometimes receive weird signals or sometimes no signals.
If someone knows these ESC, or knows a solution for my problem, please help me :slight_smile:


Please, someone help me for this issue