Flight problem linked to one ESC

Hi everyone,

Earlier this month, I had a crash accident with my Intel AERO Ready To Fly Drone and broke one ESC of my drone. We ordered a new one but now my drone flies really weirdly (to be honest, it did not use to fly well but now it is worse than ever). Maybe it is due to the fact that the four ESC are now not calibrated together. What was weird with the new ESC was that it did not respect the ‘colour code’ like the three other ones. You will understand what I call the ‘colour code’ by checking this picture.

As you can see, unlike the three other ones, the red wire from this ESC has to be plugged with the black wire from the rotor. Same thing for the black wire from this ESC with the red wire from the rotor.
I am sure that it has to be plugged this way otherwise the rotor does not spin in the right way.

What I am wondering now is that if there is a way to coordinate the new ESC with the old ones.
Maybe it is not the only matter that disturbs my drone and prevents it from flying properly, but I guess it is part of the problem.

So you guys can see what a flight looks like, I have uploaded two videos of my drone.
In the two cases, I asked the drone exactly the same mission using QGroundControl. I told the drone only to take off at 5 meters and that is all. Indeed, if I try to upload more complex missions I always have the same errors that I was talking about here : Mission transfer failed and that I still did not resolve.

The only difference between the twos videos is that I changed the percentage of Hover Throttle, for the first one it is 21% and for the second one, 70.

I hope you can help me figuring out the issue.
Best regards,

I add more videos to this topic in order to make it more accurate. I am pretty sure it is an ESC problem and my question is still the same : Can someone confirm that it is actually the problem and how am I supposed to solve it since I can not do any ESC calibration on the Intel AERO RTF Drone ?

Here are the videos, the tests were made with the controller this time.