Esc calibration in QGC for ardusub

  • Pixhawk 2.4.8

  • EFM6B-20A-4S-V12 ESC

  • RS 2205 BLDC

  • QGC 4.2.6

These are the specs of items used in my project for a underwater rover. But there is no ESC calibration in Ardusub. The problem i am facing is that, after the first running( I mean that after sending signal to esc and when the bldc starts running) even though the remote is in 0 throttle position, the bldc runs in a minimum speed and it never stop. I do not use RC control. I control the ROV using wired remote connected to my lap. Even after changing the pwm vale, motor spin, etc. it is not working. The bldc continued to run. Please help me with this. I need to stop the motor when the remote is in idle condition. One thing i noticed is that when i hold my throttle at a certain point the motor stops. but some motor don’t. I have alsp set deadband in joystick and not working.