ESC calibrate

I use castle create speed control 25a,after calibrate when throttle is 50% there is not any thrust after it , thrust is above 1kg according motor datasheet,how it should be calibrate withe radio and QGC?
it is critical is there anyone to help me,

Which flight controller and version of arducopter are you using? I’m assuming this is a multirotor.

I use pixhawk v2 and configurate Y6 vtol drone,
Do ESC calibrate automatically?
How must calibrate its with radio control?

you can calibrate ESC in qgroundcontrol, power tab

I calibrate with QGC but motors not work homogeneous

are they all the same ? ( the motors and esc)

yes,i calibrate they with radio,then they work very well and i measurement thrust, its according with datasheet of motor ,when connect to pixhawk and calibrate with QGC it is not work as rx,it not has enough thrust,