ESC Beeping


I’m having trouble arming my ESC on a fixed wing. The ailerons work fine when armed but the ESC just gives a loud beeping.

QGC 3.0.2 with Flying Wing/Skywalker X5 1.5.1dev firmware.

The ESC is plugged into Main 3. From the firmware file, it looks like the output should be Main 4 but on that channel, no calibration happens, and no arming or motor spin.

The ESC obviously knows that the Pixhawk is armed because it only starts beeping when the arming switch is pressed. There’s no spin on the motor when the throttle increased, just loud beeping.

It works fine on APM Planner but I prefer the QGC interface.

Ideas would be much appreciated.


The switch is not an arming switch but a safety switch. It releases the servos but to get throttle you actually need to arm. To do so, put the throttle in the lower right corner. It will enable the output 4 then.

Thanks Lorenz

I’m sure I tried to arm with the RC after pressing the safety switch but the beeping put me off and may not have waited 5 seconds. I’ve switched back to APM Planner to fly today - could I swap out the SD card and reinitialise the settings on QGC or would mess-up the APM Planner parameters? i.e. is all config and firmware stored on the SD?