ESC beeping after change FC

I had been using the Cube Orange previously. However, I purchased a Cube Orange + and only replaced the FC on the drone I was using. When I connected the battery, I heard a sound coming from the ESC every second along with motor vibrations. When I replaced it with the original Cube Orange, the sound disappeared. Therefore, I thought it might be an ESC calibration issue and attempted to calibrate the ESC. I tried calibrating by repeatedly connecting and disconnecting the drone’s battery while throttling up the transmitter, but it failed. What should I do?


What ESC are you using?
Which version of firmware did you upload to Cube Orange+?

It would be better if you could explain the situation in more detail.


Both drones are equipped with HOBBYWING XROTOR 40A and DJI E305 430 Lite ESCs.
However, there is sound coming from the ESCs of both drones.
The FC firmware was recently updated via Mission Planner.
ESC calibration was attempted while the sound was occurring, but the notification sound indicating successful calibration did not play. Despite multiple attempts, calibration failed.

As you are using Mission Planner, you should consult this topic in ArduPilot forum.

I see, thank you for your help