There is a problem entering ESC calibration mode during flight

Hello. There was an issue that the motor on the right bottom stopped after automatic flight for 2km round trip by drone.
And when I lowered the throttle to land manually, I heard the sound of entering ESC calibration mode.
As you can see from the attached log (approximately 41% confirmed by Misson planner), the drone direction was wrong with 450m left to home point in the situation of returning from 2km. At this time, it is assumed that the motor ESC in question entered calibration mode through a process and stopped.
This phenomenon is now repeatedly appearing and disappearing.
I tried to replace all fc, esc, motor because it might be a hardware problem, but the problem is still occurring randomly.

In conclusion, what I’m curious about is why a particular ESC enters calibration mode in flight.
It’s also suspicious that this phenomenon doesn’t happen all the time and it’s happening randomly.

I will tell you the specifications of the drone and the hardware you use.

FC: cube orange (firmware version = aducopter V4.0.7)

ESC : IFlight SucceX 55A Slick

Motor: Sunny Sky M8 Pro (170 rpm/V)

Drone weight: 8 kg
Drone propeller type: Double Quad Airframe with 8 Propellers (top and bottom rotation direction are different)

flight log file

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