Error:【Stopping compass use! Land now and calibrate the compass】

Flight Controller : Pixhawk2.4.8
FirmWare : px4 v12

During autonomous flight in mission mode, the error occurs with the message “Stopping compass use! Land now and calibrate compass” on QGC. This error causes the aircraft to run out of control and plunge into the ground or continue hovering in place.

I have taken the utmost care in calibrating the sensors and making sure there are no magnetized objects in the vicinity, but the error still occurs.

The error does not always occur every time, but about once every two times. Also, even if an error occurs, it may still arrive at the last waypoint in mission mode.

If anyone has encountered a similar error or has a solution, I would like to know!

It completely solved after sheilding the wire between LiPo and ESC by alminium sheet !


Do you mean using the Aluminum shield only for the ESC signal wire from the LiPoly battery OR all the cables of the ESC from the Li Poly battery !!

all the cables and also the bottom of pixhawk.

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