Error stating: "Parameters are missing ...COMPASS_DEV_ID..."

I am connecting QGC (Windows version 3.5.4) to Plane (fixed wing) vehicle (ArduPilot firmware 3.4.0).
The vehicle has been correctly configured in MissionPlanner version 1.3.59.
The vehicle works correctly with MissionPlanner.
While connection vehicle to QGC, immediately I got error stating: “Parameters are missing …COMPASS_DEV_ID…”.
I realized in MissionPlanner, there is no such a parameter available. Attached please find the error screenshot.
Please advice.

I know, that the latest stable vehicle ArduPilot firmware release is 3.9.9. Should I upgrade?

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I don’t think MP complains about missing parameters in the same way QGC does. The fact that they are missing indicates something wrong on the firmware side though.

Many thanks. Definitely, it is GSC version problem. I tried GSC 3.4.0, 3.1.0, 3.0.2. Some errors disappeared. I am closing the issues as I will migrate to Pixhawk.

That is because as you go back in time with QGC versions the required set of parameters that QGC needs changes. Also you can’t run really old builds against newer versions of firmware. It doesn’t really indicate a problem with QGC.