"EKF GPS Fusion timeout" - No Position Mode

Hi all,

I am working on a F-450 with a Drotek P3pro on PX4.

Stabilise mode and Altitude mode are ok, no problem. When I switch to Positon mode the copter go crazy in one direction with high speed.

I did a mag calibration before flighting.

My logs:

When I check the logs I see “EKF GPS Fusion timeout”. The GPS projected is correct ine each flight, but the setpoint and the estimate are completely wrong ! Apart from that all seem ok in the logs for me.

Can I have your advize about my logs ?



Are you sure that you have configured the orientation of your mag and imu correctly?
Can you make a test where you boot up the quad and let it stand for some time. Then move it with your hand straight ahead and see how the estimator performs?


Thank you!

I did not touch any mag orientation, simply because I thought choosing the F450 frame in the frame setup did everythings.

After some test I saw that the orientation on the map was completly wrong compared to the orientation in reality… I had a rotation of the external mag and all seems ok now. I am going to do some test to see if it solves my issue. I will keep you inform.



I did some test today. Yesterday the mag was in the right direction but today not… I did a calibration but nothing change. After that, the orientation of the drone on QGC was not stabe, it did a low rotation.

I arm but the drone stayed on the ground (juste arm, so not moving) and there is the log:


I saw weird things on the yaw !

It is the second GPS on this board and it is the same. My P3pro is probably the problem.


So just to clarify, after you set the correct imu and mag orientation, did you perform a full calibration of all sensors?


After more researches I found that my orientation was bad like you said… I did not know that.

My GPS is a “Mushroom” model : https://pixhawk.drotek.com/en/option-devices/gps/mushroom-gps.html

I need to add a rotation of 180° for the ROLL.

On the bench it’s look like okay so I will do some tests outside !

I will give you some news.



I answering myself because that will help other people.

With the 1.6.5 I did not succed to have good gps … With the new release 1.7.0 it is perfect ! I don’t realy know my issue, but I was in 1.6.5 rev version so maybe not as stable as I needed for my use.