Dynamic UI for removing waypoint param for surface boat

I am experimenting with the plugin architecture in QGC. I have created a working custom build that can control a robot with MAV_AUTOPILOT_GENERIC and MAV_TYPE_SURFACE_BOAT combination. I can plan and execute missions successfully with QGC on a simulated robot. I want to change the UI elements in the plan view for waypoints. Since I am using a surface boat as the vehicle type, I want to remove certain parameters from MAV_CMD_NAV_WAYPOINT definition. I created a json file and added the override method missionCommandOverrides in my firmware plugin. However, with this override, QGC crashes when I try to add a waypoint in the plan view. I also added MAV_TYPE_SURFACE_BOAT in MissionCommandTree::setToolbox method, which already contains a few other vehicle types.

// Load all levels of hierarchy
for (MAV_AUTOPILOT firmwareType: _toolbox->firmwarePluginManager()->supportedFirmwareTypes()) {
    FirmwarePlugin* plugin = _toolbox->firmwarePluginManager()->firmwarePluginForAutopilot(firmwareType, MAV_TYPE_QUADROTOR);

    QList<MAV_TYPE> vehicleTypes;

    for(MAV_TYPE vehicleType: vehicleTypes) {
        QString overrideFile = plugin->missionCommandOverrides(vehicleType);
        if (!overrideFile.isEmpty()) {
            _staticCommandTree[firmwareType][vehicleType] = new MissionCommandList(overrideFile, firmwareType == MAV_AUTOPILOT_GENERIC && vehicleType == MAV_TYPE_GENERIC /* baseCommandList */, this);

My mav-info json file includes the following -

    "comment":  "Generic, Surface Boat",
    "version":  1,
    "fileType": "MavCmdInfo",

    "mavCmdInfo": [
            "id":           16,
            "comment":      "MAV_CMD_NAV_WAYPOINT",
            "paramRemove":  "1,4"

I am not sure what I am doing wrong. Any input is greatly appreciated!

I realized that there is no vehicle specific leaf node in qgroundcontrol for MAV_TYPE_SURFACE_BOAT. I added that leaf node, along with a leaf node specific for my firmware and another for my firmware and MAV_TYPE_SURFACE_BOAT. Now customization works as expected.