Custom command on waypoint at QGC plan

Hello, recently i was able to add a custom command on QGC. i need to create a plan route to operate a payload (send the mavlink command over serial passthrought) when the drone reaches the waypoint. When i try to upload this new route to de PX4, it says that “mission transfer failed. Error:command is not supported”.

Im now build PX4, what where i need to modify source code?
I add new mavlink C headers on include folder
I add a case in MavlinkMissionManager::parse_mavlink_mission_item
but says that my command is not declared.
Is this the correct way? or where can i add my defines of custom commands headers.


i include custom mavlink header on mavlink_bridge_header.h and now i can build the PX4.
now i can upload the missionplan too.
if simulate the vehicle. when reached the waypoint with the command it wait and no continue.
next step, check if i can read the command in the mavlink flow.

this custom command is added like other existing commands in the PX4 source code (mavlink_bridge_header.h)
Why the PX4 reacts different when reaches a waypoint whit this command and not with other?. When simulated drone reaches the waypoint with custom command, no continues to the next waypoint