Dynamic Pressure and Coefficients in Lift-Drag Plugin

Hi everyone,
I am studying the tailsitter configuration in PX4 with gazebo simulation.
While reading through the `liftdrag_plugin.cpp’ file, I noticed that the component of the vehicle’s speed in the lift-drag plane is used to calculate the dynamic pressure:

  // compute dynamic pressure
  double speedInLDPlane = velInLDPlane.Length();
  double q = 0.5 * this->rho * speedInLDPlane * speedInLDPlane;

Shouldn’t the overall resultant airspeed be considered for calculating the dynamic pressure?

Also, I am curious about why the lift, drag, and moment coefficients need to be multiplied by cosSweepAngle:

    cl = this->cla * this->alpha * cosSweepAngle;

    cd = (this->cda * this->alpha) * cosSweepAngle;

    cm = this->cma * this->alpha * cosSweepAngle;

liftdrag_plugin.cpp file: here