Dronecode is hosting the Open Source Mini-Summit at Open Source Summit + Embedded Linux Conference Europe (virtual)

The Open Source Drones Summit @ OSS+ELC EU 2020

Dronecode will be presenting a 2-hour mini-summit at the virtual Open Source Summit + Embedded Linux Conference Europe on Oct 30.

Register for the conference at https://bit.ly/3mjbA8a and get a 20% discount on your registration with coupon code OSSEUDRNCOM20.

Schedule at a glance

[2pm - 2:20pm] Introducing the PX4 community

By Ramon Roche, Program Manager, Dronecode Foundation

Summary: A complete look at the PX4 autopilot ecosystem, where it started, how the community works, what is Dronecode Foundation, the collaborative open-source projects hosted under Dronecode Foundation, and the main components of the PX4 ecosystem (QGC, MAVLink, MAVSDK, Pixhawk Standards)
The main advantages of using PX4, how to leverage the more than 10 years of history behind the project, successful commercial systems that are flying with PX4.

[2:20pm - 3:00pm] Tutorial: Controlling PX4 drones with MAVSDK

By Gonçalo Couteiro Atanásio, PX4 Ambassador
Summary: This talk will introduce MAVSDK architecture, supported programming languages, platforms, and finally how it can be used to send commands to a drone. You will learn how to build the PX4 code, launch a simulator, and use a ground station in this case, QGroundControl. Next, you will see that by using a Python library of auto-generated code we can communicate with the drone using MAVLink protocol. To do that, it will be used the simulation and QGC, showing the drone actions, in response to the commands that are sent using a Python script.

[3:00pm - 3:40pm] Accelerate autonomous systems to market with PX4 and open standards

By Travis Bottalico, Software Engineer at ModalAI
Summary: Learn how ModalAI has leveraged Dronecode hosted projects to efficiently bring advanced autopilot systems to market. By using open source components like PX4, MAVLink, QGroundControl, MAVSDK, and MAVROS, ModalAI is accelerating autonomy by providing innovators with robot and drone perception and communications systems.

[3:40pm - 4:00pm] Community Panel Discussion

Moderator: Jinger Zeng, Community Manager @ Dronecode Foundation
Summary: The future of open source drone technology. Computer vision navigation, more robust hardware, cloud connectivity, what should developers focus on, and how to stay up with the industry trends.

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Register for the conference and receive a 20% discount on your registration with coupon code OSSEUDRNCOM20.

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