PX4 Developer Summit | Virtual 2020

After 6-weeks of planning, the event is finally here! We are delighted to announce that we have over 1500 registered attendees from around the world.:tada:

Here’s a preview of the two-day event, and we’re much excited to share this unique experience with our global community:

:studio_microphone:Live Stream Sessions

The main track of the conference is a non-stop stream of incredible topics by fantastic community speakers, hosted by Dronecode Program Manager.

The live stream will be available through all of PX4 social-media accounts and our website, with a unique addition of a rebroadcast via Bilibili to our Chinese community.

:movie_camera: Pre-Recorded Talks

The pre-recorded talks have a predefined premiere (go live) time on the PX4 Autopilot YouTube channel. Viewers can find links to the videos and will be able to join the speaker live while their presentation is first available via Sched. Speakers will be present in Youtube chat room while the video premieres to answer questions :star2:

:woman_technologist: Virtual Lounge

We have set up #px4-developer-summit channel in our Slack. The channel will serve as of halls of our venue. Our attendees can use the channel to ask questions, share where they are watching from, post pictures, and interact with event staff and speakers all virtually :earth_asia: .

:woman_astronaut: Community Volunteers

We are super grateful that we have volunteers from our global community to dedicate their time and effort in helping us making the event possible!

:speech_balloon: Follow Us on Social

Use the #PX4DevSummit hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to follow all the activities and happenings from the event.