Announcing the first-ever PX4 Developer Summit, June 20-21 at ETH Zurich


Join us June 20th/21st, for the first-ever PX4 Developer Summit, in Zurich, Switzerland, thanks to our sponsor Auterion. Companies attending include Yuneec, 3DR, Taisync, Zubax, CUAV, Holybro, OSRF, and Amazon.

We are hosting a two-day summit with developer-focused content, to promote open source, and interact with leaders from the ecosystem.

Topics include:

  • PX4, MAVLink, project status, and roadmap
  • Flight system architecture (secure bootloader, driver standardization, etc. )
  • Developer tools and SDK
  • High Assurance hardware design
  • ROS2 Integration
  • Testing (SITL, HITL, flight testing, etc.)
  • Debugging and Simulation.
  • Computer vision and artificial intelligence integration.
  • BVLOS, UTM, and air certification
  • UAVCAN Support

Is there a call for presentations or other contributions?

The official call for proposal has closed, but please email me at to discuss.