Convergence with airspeed sensor [solved]

I’m conducting a flight test using a convergence.
As I know, convergence firmware doesn’t require an airspeed sensor.
Here are some questions.

  1. Is it estimate the speed using a GPS sensor? or not need for transition control?

  2. If I want add a airspeed sensor, how to try that?
    (Parameter “FW_ARSP_MODE” already 0,
    and FCC doesn’t recognize airspeed sensor connected.)

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @Sejin_J,
It’s always better to fly any VTOL with an airspeed sensor then without, as it increases the flight performance and safety (e.g. tighter attitude setpoint tracking).

About your questions:

  1. Currently the airspeed sensor is the only way to get an airspeed estimate. We are working on enabling estimating it (at least roughly) with groundspeed minus windspeed (see Currently, the controller switches to a mode where airspeed is not required, and e.g. assumes that it is constant all the time.
  2. FW_ARSP_MODE needs to be 0, that’s correct. Have you by chance set CBRK_AIRSPD_CHK to something not 0? Otherwise I would need more information about your setup to find out why it’s not working in your case. (autopilot, airspeed sensor, firmware version,…)
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Thank you!

I solved this problem by modifying the parameter (CBRK_AIRSPD_CHK)