VTOL can not switch modes, steering does not work

VTOL can not switch modes, neighborhoods correct setting method I use PIX follow the instructions to AUX1 is set to channel 6, but in any case, the fixed-wing servos do not work, multi-axis work, find the correct setting method,I use a 5V BEC but only after moving about the safety switch is pressed, the main electric motor also reported that the number of sections of lithium batteries。 thank you

the new firmware does not switch through AUX1,so you can set it using the parameter of rc_map_trans_sw


Can you tell me wich firmware are you working? I installed the stable firmware but i can t swich my copter to fix wing aircraft. I am working with px4 2.46 I don t know if this pihawk is compatible with VTOL.

Thank you for your reply, this problem has been solved, I wish you a pleasant flight!

What’s your multi-axis?My multi-axis doesn’t work.