Disarm bug according to landing speed


I recently conducted “precision landing test” using irlock several times, and found out that the accuracy increases according to the landing speed (mpc_land_speed).

I conducted a vicious test where the copter was smashed even if it was 5cm away

Starting with 0.7 m/s, the landing speed (mpc_land_speed) has been reduced to 0.2 m/s.
(0.2 m/s is forced to store parameters)

(0.7/0.6/0.5/0.4/0.3/0.2 were performed 100 times each, and the lower the speed, the better the accuracy)

At 0.2 m/s, the success rate within 5cm was shown through the irlock in approximately 700 landing tests without a single error, but there was a problem.

In the manual position mode, it was a problem that even if the cop touches the ground, the disarm did not work.

Does anyone know about this problem?

I wonder why the minimum landing speed is 0.6m/s in px4.

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