Disable Compass Calibration

Im using a Motion capture system as single Input for the EKF2 in the px4 Mini running in px4 Firmware. But still in QGround Control I have to calibrate the Magnetometer/Compass which ive tried to do several times but wasnt succesfull and resulting in an error. So since Im not even using it I tried to disable it completely which didnt remove the necessity of calibrating the Compass. My next step was to remove the Compass check in the preflight.cpp but that wasnt succesfull either and just resulting in me not being able to do the Calibration. So for Amy Tips I would bei very grateful.

Setting “SYS_HAS_MAG” to 0 does remove the compass calibration from the “Sensors” page entirely, even without a reboot.
Did you mean that by disabling it?
Otherwise your settings might just not be “sticking”… (which version of QGC are you using?cheers