Difficult tuning: high estimator time slip


I’m on the tuning of a multicopter of v1.14 with cube orange and we have difficulty tuning it. The flights are not reliable from one to another.

One abnormal variable is the time slip that is supposed to be around 0us, and it is systematically around 10000us or more, sometimes increasing during the flight.

Is that an issue at all? How can we reduce that?

It’s always difficult to diagnose a problem without access to the log.

But given your logging dropout, it looks as if your system is “freezing” or “lagging”, as if something is taking too long to execute and the scheduler can’t keep up.

Are you running a custom or stock version of 1.14? Do you have any significant external components attached?


No, original release v1.14, we’re flying in altitude & stabilized mode. No external components.

I have a log here with cube orange plus. The estimator time slip starts with 15ms.

We did not change anything from the previous flight except changing MC_YAWRATE_K.

The vehicle was flying fine and the time slip was 0 in this previous log. I bet this 15ms lag is what lead the vehicle to a crash. (We flew fine in Stabilized).

Any idea on the cause of the estimator time slip?