Difference between Serial and Telemetry

In qgroundcontrol station MAVlink Inspector shows different values for each connection type. When i connect with usb; LOCAL_POSITION_NED, HIGH_RES_IMU, ACTUATOR_CONTROL_TARGET and NAMED_VALUE_FLOAT messages does not show up. Is there any way to analyze these topics with using telemetry instead of USB. Do i have to change mavlink messages inside of code ?



PX4 defines different type of mav streams for different port. Change the stream definition to what you like inside the code.

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Thank you so much for your attention. I’d like to see Named_value_float ( shown in usb picture ) in telemetry. What do you mean by changing stream definition.Is there any link or example that shows how to change.

It is quite straight forward actually, you can check the code fragment as below:

You can add what you want into different mode, which further mapped to your connection type. But be ware that telemetry only has limited bandwidth so too much bytes streaming may choke the connection.

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Thank you so much. :thumbsup: