Serial Communication, define telemetry data

Hi guys,
I have managed to set up a serial communication between my PX4 flight controller and a MATLAB based “ground station” PC. Which means, that my MATLAB program is receiving (and sending) some data from the PX4, but I don´t really know which ones.

Therefore, my question is, is there an “easy way” (e.g. with Mission Planner, QGroundControl) to define which telemetry data my PX4 sends? For example, I would like to receive the roll, pitch, yaw rates of my Copter, it´s altitude and so on…

Thanks a lot, for your help!

The default messages are configured here -

Over mavlink you can add new streams by sending the command MAV_CMD_SET_MESSAGE_INTERVAL.

Thanks a lot, @dagar!
This is exactly, what I was looking for :slight_smile: